Subscription Balkan Academic News (BAN) is an electronic email group encompassing over 1300 scholars, activists, government officials, students and others dealing with or interested in the Balkans. BAN is intended to serve as a network for the exchange of academic information on the Balkans. It distributes calls for papers, conference announcements, book reviews, queries and encourages academic discussion on the region.

Balkan Academic News is part of the Consortium of Minority Resources (COMIR) and affiliated with Southeast European Politics (SEEP).

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Balkan Academic News 2000. This page was last updated January 6, 2000. Balkan Academic News (BAN) is affiliated with South East European Politics (SEEP), which is an independent journal published by CEU faculty and students, with the support of CEU. The opinions published in  BAN and SEEP do not represent the official opinions of Central European University.